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There can be products, where direct printing is not the best option. They cannot or should not be printed directly, because of the risk, that the decoration with more colors may not be perfect. Screen printing is effective for such jobs. Its additional advantages stand out among the rest of the technologies, especially in case of large copy numbers or economical and fast production. During this process, firstly the colors will be transferred to a silicone based so-called transfer paper, so that the graphic can be fixed afterwards on the material with help of a heat press.

Application area: T-shirts, sweaters, sleeveless shirts, tennis shirts, shirts, mainly textiles

Our materials: high quality t-shirts, tennis shirts, sleeveless shirts, sweaters, pants, hats, towels, work clothes, windbreakers, bags, etc.

Transfer screen printing cost is always calculated individually, which doesn’t include the one-time screening fee.