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We are a dynamically developing small company in the Hungarian market since 2016. Our profile covered initially only apparel and jerseys for fans made for different sport teams, however it was extended to unique work- and promotional suits for companies, various marketing materials and promotional gifts, as well as complex packages, with graphic design. We are equipped with German high-tech embroidery machines, professional heat presses and printers to meet all your needs most quickly and accurately.

We're working to make our clients outstanding!
Tailoring our product range to this mission, we select the best materials and suppliers, and provide the best solutions available under the best conditions!
We provide you with help to choose the right products and customization, create the design plan, flexibly adapting to your needs!
To make you fully satisfied with our work, services and last but not least the delivered products, we represent quality and precision!


Whether you are considering bulk orders, special designs, graphics, or you have special embroidery requirements, our company is the right choice for you! With our high-quality materials and German high-tech embroidery machine, we can meet all your needs from sports and workwear, to promotion, gift or custom embroidery!
There can be products, where direct printing is not the best option. They cannot or should not be printed directly, because of the risk, that the decoration with more colors may not be perfect. Screen printing is effective for such jobs. Its additional advantages stand out among the rest of the technologies, especially in case of large copy numbers or economical and...
This technology is suitable for creating unique, smaller, glossy labels. The pattern is cut from a colored foil and pressed onto the material at high temperature. Not recommended for larger, multi-colored graphics where the colors need to be matched very accurately. However, it is the perfect and economical solution if you want to make a jersey or a shirt unique with letters or numbers.
Transfer printing is suitable for printing logos on products, which are more difficult to handle, or have rough surface, even if positioning is complicated, or graphics are gradient, containing possibly thin lines. The pattern is applied to the material indirectly in this case, but without a tactile ink layer, giving a realistic image. Our special machines (heat presses) can fulfill all your needs that may arise.
Printed marketing materials (flyers, posters, molinos, etc.) have been around for a long time. Although the online world is gaining ground, they will still existing the future, because everyone knows them, their power among other marketing materials doesn’t need to be shown. Of course these are convincing, but only if the used paper for the flyer, or the poster that people see is made of highest quality.
We're here to help, whether you would like to design your company logo, or even a complete image for your company, or making customized t-shirts, jerseys, promotional gifts, just send us your ideas in form of sketches, and notes. We'll make some initial plans that you can customize/adjust according to your idea, and finally choose the most appropriate one. While creating unique designs and ...

Sport fanatics

We undertake designing, assembling and making complete sportswear and fan apparel for various sports teams and associations. We design and execute specific jerseys tailor-made for athletes, custom-made jerseys, quality sportswear, printed shirts with logos for fans, hats and many more, according to your needs. For bulk orders, large quantities, multiple items we make different package offers, from which you can choose the one that suits you the best, and above this we will always reward your order with gift items!

Based on our experience so far, we recommend following products with optional designs (screen printing, embroidery, printing, etc.):

  • Jerseys and related clothing: jerseys, trousers, tracksuits, sweaters, jackets, etc.
  • Other sportswear: ball games, running pants, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, etc.
  • Fan wear: T-shirts, collar T-shirts, hats, towels, bags, sweaters, jackets, trousers, etc.

Of course, if any other needs arise, we will do our best to fulfill them as well. All garments are made from high-quality materials tailored to corporate colors and can be individually labeled with logos.



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